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fighting the waves

Aktualisiert: 4. Juli 2021

life is an ocean

and i am a piece of wood

being dragged along

waves crash into me

dragging and pushing always

pulling me with them

i don't want to just

let the waves control me and

spend my life drifting

so i pick a wave

and try to hold on to it

without being drowned

but the next three waves

are already there with me

pushing and pulling

i want to fight them

and swim on my own accord

but they are so strong

and all of my life

i have been fighting against

all those strong currents

and i am tired

so i wonder what would be

if i just let go

just give into it

and be that piece of driftwood

they want me to be

but i cannot stop

my fight against the water

for fear of drowning

so i keep swimming

even as i grow tired

more and more each day

fighting for my life

and for my own sanity

against the ocean

i am just driftwood

but i don't want to be that

so i keep fighting

to just stay afloat

on top of all those currents

pulling me under

i know i will fail

and lose this fight in the end

but for now i am swimming.

von Lucie Brennberger, MSS 13

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