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the darkness blinds me it's so bright

and sets purple fire to my inside

that consumes all other emotions

it couldn't be extinguished even by oceans

but it also brings me so much energy

that it might last me for a full century

like all other things this will eventually change

but imagining that now seems strange

like imagining there being nothing

when you never felt the lack of something

like turning into an entirely different being

with your old and current burning self fleeing

it's like being scared of what comes after death

before you take your final and last breath

but not imagining the time before you existed

why don't we talk about that puzzle instead

i think it might be something like falling asleep

the time when you don't dream and are in too deep

but i also cannot remember how that might feel

to not feel or even be anything, false or real

von Lucie Brennberger, MSS 12

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May 15, 2020

Lucie, so schön! Wie kommen solche Wörter aus dir heraus?

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