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Song - Quiz 20

Aktualisiert: 4. Mai 2020

You're there you're there

Hello, there you are, there is yours.

No. 1 This means Ya.

Look, your walls

Desire of spirit

(Let me)

Desire of spirit

(Little mural man)

Spiritual desire, go out Dir cbl

My month?

I didn't say goodbye

Desire of spirit

Desire of spirit, desire of spirit.

Spiritual desire, go out Dir cbl

Spiritual desire, go out Dir cbl

Desire of spirit, desire of spirit.

Spiritual desire, go out Dir cbl

Desire of spirit

talk about the storm

What should a man do, but where is he?

Find the bad boy with "n Focus" and "n"

Who can make a file and see the legs and the two theses?

Stay here to let yourself get over

From Jerome Come Now, from Hou jou Gewere, an authorized speaker

Everything delivered on winter days.

Teresa's son is very uplifting.

You found the platform shoes

Marshall hit the net for ten Gee grants

AG, came here, 1 shot someone famous

Upset teenagers at the Stasio de Lyon and went to eat a vegetable

Skeuos in this nasal hypercalumum for you

1 Siena There Now, like YOU, sent this legacy to the death of Geruim

Get close to me and push Never where, DO YOU WORK?

If you are looking for a shape, your pleasure is looking for a place

Different boys and girls Try nose speed free for you

HE YOU Sirena and 'Drum and' Hammer that rockin '

A chord is a pedal and our track shows a salt from the sky

Better work it, work it with a bow sent small pillow

You want that kind of style on my scale

He is a teenager: the only day I sent my truck is the only day

You're better, come on, shot, so much house,

Obsessed with dying trees, hand in hand to sew Wed Vtrf '

The sea is to the west, yes, it is to the west, I am Verlot

everything around you sounds

Everyone will be proud to be Tria

What is the mistake you see on a stormy day?

Never drink and drink a drink read in teens

This time is correct and I, "a man of confrontation, am I learning to fail?"

The above is not an option. Back on the road to Uprör

von Anna-Leonie Walber, MSS 12

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