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The Hanging Tree

Aktualisiert: 4. Juli 2021

down, down, they walk like marionettes

possessed by some evil spirit

a dead man walking

they have lost themselves

these uncanny sounds

they tumble

they are losing their footing

we scream

close they are to the final day

the time of truth is nearing

we the spectators watching

as injustice is enforced

the voices getting louder

trying to run from their fate

oh subtle knowledge of what is to come

the last day has arisen

there they hang like puppets

the life is gone

the eyes are empty

it is what had to be done

those little pretty lies they tell

the ravens listen anyway

lies and truth seem to be the same,

as no one knows what kind of game they play

this little story ends right here

what have you felt

what did you hear?

thy little heart shall not be tainted

thy innocence shall not fear

von Anonymus

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